Are we there…already?

Road trips with our children are meant to build lasting friendships, forge bonds, and create memories to look back on.  Unfortunately, those memories sometimes end up with hours of bickering, too much electronic entertainment we swore we’d never use, and endless cries of the phrase every parent dreads: Are we there yet?

Enter the answer – over 100 pages filled with games that will help turn all your road trips into fun memories that will last a lifetime!  Gathered and created by a family with nine children, the games in this book have been tried and tested – only the best, the most favorite – have been collected into one book for easy reference.  With text easily read on electronic devices, but also easily printed and placed in a binder, ROAD TRIP! 50 Family Approved Games for the Car is a treasure sure to keep your family engaged for hours at a time.  Included in the book, will you find:


  • 50 tried and tested games, many requiring no preparation
  • Printables for some games, bringing added fun

Some of the games you will learn and enjoy:

  • Wild Animal Atlas
  • Collect the Country
  • Fortunately, Unfortunately
  • Trainspotting
  • …and many more!